Web development.
Conversion of ideas into real solutions starting with the development of a concept and ending with the creation of a full-fledged web application is always a multi-stage, time-consuming and responsible process. The final result is crucially depends on how competent the work will be organized.

lifetech professional team provides web development services based on a great expertise in developing web applications of any complexity: corporate solutions, games, instant messenger web clients, entertainment portals, cloud storages, music services.

We are always ready to do challenging projects and offer fresh solutions.

Putting your needs first

Low costs

Centralized storage




The web application is only installed on the server. It is no longer required to separately install and configure it on each computer, since all settings are carried out through a remote server.
Our team creates perfect solutions

Cross-platform solutions

Our technologies allow you to run applications on any device supporting JavaScript (Mobile devices, Computers, TVs, etc.)


Having extensive experience in developing web applications for mobile devices (Android and iOS), we create services compatible for integration with mobile applications.

Server development

Using modern features of Node.JS, we create fast integration server solutions.
Why lifetech

Products development experience

We create reliable cross-platform applications of any complexity.

Process flexibility

We use agile software development methodologies and instantly adapt to the needs of the specific business.

Problem solving

We adhere to the philosophy of a customer-oriented approach in the process of creating projects.
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