DevOps Consulting and Services.
Software development infrastructure is closely connected with its monitoring, maintenance, support and improvement, which becomes more and more costly over time. And almost every company eventually comes to the decision point – how to simplify the existing infrastructure management process?

DevOps helps to reform the infrastructure by performing collaborative actions between the Operations Teams and Software Engineers. This is achieved by automating and optimizing the IT operations and establishing a smooth communication between team members. As a consequence DevOps implementation allows to achieve your business goals: cut down on expenses, speed up deployment process and improve quality of software maintenance. It also enables development teams to work with up-to-date technologies, less risks and more flexibility, which helps to build more effective infrastructure system.

Our professional DevOps team works in close collaboration with all involved company structures (business, development and operation) in order to build effective and secure infrastructure system that can be seamlessly embedded into any specific company with its own needs and restrictions.

DevOps Consulting


Audit and assessment

Implementation models




We start with revealing business goals and eliciting requirements in order to fully meet all needs of a specific client.

Implement DevOps to stay always ahead of your game

DevOps Automation Services

We provide the full set of services to automate various aspects of software development process. Our experts embed useful tools and customize them to accelerate delivery, improve quality and reduce project costs of a specific project.

Benefits of DevOps implementation
Accelerate Product Time to Market
Launch of new software products can be a real challenge for many companies. This process is often associated with lengthy and costly testing, bugs fixing and time losses. Acceleration of product Time to Market provides a number of business benefits that can be achieved through improved software development process, test automation and CI&CD integration.
Quick Response to Market Changes
One of the fundamental principles of IT industry is its high speed development. New tools are constantly appearing, while the previous practices and frameworks are becoming obsolete and require revision. That is why it is important to have the established DevOps structure that can be flexibly modified to work with new features and easily implemented in existing projects
Decrease Overall Project Costs
As your product becomes more complicated and its code lines number continues to grow, the cost of "manual" testing and product deployment process increases correspondingly. More and more efforts are being spent on its support. The introduction of CI&CD integration and automation tools allows to support ever-growing products with lower costs while implementation of automated tests and unification of code deployment processes allow to save resources in course of time.
Free Up Time for Creative Work
As far as your product moves through the life cycle stages it requires more and more time for development servicing, testing, deployment and post-release support processes. All this, in turn, requires more human resources. Implementation of DevOps practices allows to use the working time in a more effective way. You will free up your engineers from the routine processes and allow them to make more useful work on optimizing systems and processes.
Integrate Security from the Beginning
Providing security of the application development process by using DevOps is an effective way to improve the quality of your product. One of the signs of secure development is, for example, automatic load testing to penetrate into the application code in the course of which the testing team performs an automatic or manual test to penetrate into the application from the outside.
Effective Risk Management
Possibility of flexible response to changes is a mandatory option in reducing the number of defects across the product life cycle and saving money on their correction. Usage of the effective monitoring tools helps to identify the quality concerns at early stage while the automation of processes decreases the risk of security issues caused by human errors.
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