life.BI dashboards
A complete BI tool for corporate KPI monitoring.

We develop a user-friendly app with web and mobile adjusted interfaces. You get a set of interactive screens and dashboards for a plan/act operation activities performance measure and visualizing insights. You can consolidate in one place whatever metrics for daily monitoring and sharing ideas with your colleagues.

Effort and duration


Tech stack




Oracle Databases




Who is our client


the third largest mobile operator in Belarus
Basic moments
  • seamless sources integration (big and small data)
  • reports automation and consolidation in panels
  • interactive visualizations
  • trend and insights highlights
  • access management
Project overview

Simple tool for amazing insights

In a modern digitalized world with ever increasing frequency we hear the words ‘Data Mining’, ‘Machine Learning’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Predictive Model’, etc. However, behind the scenes, under these fashionable words always hide enormous efforts and brilliant ideas of a human who can find a glimpse in a mess of data. One of the most eloquent ways to transform figures into a distilled essence of insight is data visualization and descriptive analysis. Basically, 90% of business challenges can be solved by BI systems. A well-designed BI system is a primary tool both for KPI monitoring, data discovery and not only finding answers but right questions.
Business value
Our BI-tool is a completely automated solution for your specific needs. Interactive dashboards will guide you through main trends, show performance of particular business units or monitor key business drivers in a real-time mode – all in your pocket reached in one touch.
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