Security training courses.
The general team productivity is only 20% of the potential level without a proper qualification of employees. Give your specialists an opportunity to improve their skills and bring more benefits to the company.

We are ready to share the expertise gained while working with the Micro Focus ArcSight product line, and we conduct special trainings for this. Each training course is developed in accordance with the individual needs of the customer, which allows us to choose the optimal training program. The courses have a lot of practical tasks, the implementation of which helps trainees to adopt the best practices and become competent specialists in working with the system.

Expand the capabilities of your team and increase the efficiency of the system by signing up for our training course!

Authorized Micro Focus ArcSight training courses
The only official ArcSight trainer in Belarus

-more than 7 successful system implementations in various companies

-customization of the original product by integrating with customer systems and solving other non-standard tasks

-the only trainer in Belarus with an official ArcSight trainer certificate


Over 5 years

of practical experience

Why our courses are worth attending?
Flexible course program
The training course program can be designed in accordance with the topics that interest you the most. And we'll give the lessons at any time convenient for your employees.
Focus on real issues
The courses are focused on the real problems and cases, the knowledge of which will be useful in work.
Practice first
60% of the course is practical tasks and the analysis of their implementation.
Individual consultation
Our trainer is ready to help trainees while working with the system in case of difficulties with its maintenance.
We give certificate after training in both authorized and tailor-made courses. Students will also be ready to take Micro Focus authorized exams.
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